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Digital Photo Painting, What Is It? Digital art is a rising as the world becomes more evolved in the technological age. It is no means distinguishes the skills and techniques of traditional artists, but rather allows for a new type of medium to emerge with in the art world. It is simply a new way for a artist to express their art in a digital platform. Basically, digital medium is achieved with the use of technology, such as a computer. Since it first made a presence in the 1970’s, the process has been called different names. Computer art, multimedia art and now under the classification of new media art. It takes skills to create digital world of art, the same as it does traditional artists. While there are several digital painting software on the market today, that streamlines the process it still takes a creative hand to take a blank screen and make a wonderful work of art. How many of you take your camera out to capture a memory from behind the lens of a camera? How many of those photographs may or may not turn out? Some maybe horrible while others are mediocre. These are often photos that are deleted but what if you could turn them into something else? Some photographs are simply too bad of quality to resurrect but there are those that are not a high quality image but perfect to transform into a digital photo painting. I use my own photos only to create my work. I stemmed from traditional art to digital art. I know how to draw and paint bit for some reason digital photo painting captivated me. Many in the art community disregarded the early advancements of digital photo painting, calling it not real art, but as the years passed it has found more favor among the art world. In my opinion it’s no different than taking garbage and recycling it into art form. Digital photo painting is taking one form of expression and turning it into another.
Digital Photo Paintings By Lynn A. Marie