© Lynn A. Marie-Talleyho Photography & Art
The inspiration behind the name of my studio. My 23 Year Old Thoroughbred Mare Rainbow On Stage (AKA Talley Ho ) 1988-2011.
I grew up in a large suburban city in Wisconsin. Horses were not something I had the luxury of owning until later in life. Yet, a young girl, with the desire to be around horses, found a way. It started with horses, then I moved on to a private zoo. My love for animals has followed me all my life and continues to do so. While my life has had its bumps and turns, my dedication to animals and creative side has always remained consistent. I do what I love to do, after all, isn't that what we all want in the end? Over the years my love for animals transferred over to my creative side. I started with wildlife drawing and painting, then into photography and digital art. From a young age I’ve won several awards for my artwork, but photography was my final love. You can see that devotion and dedication in my work. While pursuing a career in graphic design, my roots will always be firmly rooted in the foundation of my skills, which is photography and art.